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Additives ACL series

Emulsion Power S.r.l. supplies worldwide the additives (ACL series) directly to customers, depending on the system design and application.


Every combination machinery -fuel needs its own additive, specifically designed to meet regulations and customer requirements.

ACL series

Currently the product range for ACL series additives is made up of:

  • ACD Series: for DIESEL based emulsion
  • ACH Series: for HEAVY FUEL OIL based emulsion
  • ACF Series: for VEGETABLE OIL based emulsion

Additive Chemicals Ltd, the Emulsion Power S.r.l. R&D branch, is in charge of study the design and the engineering of the chemical formulation of the all the additives which Emulsion Power S.r.l. produces and supplies. All these products are covered by trade secret.

Our additives formulation have been optimized thanks to many years spent in laboratory research and to the experience gained on the field. The optimized formulation guarantees the emulsion stability with time and performances increase, restoring the cetane number and improving the engines injector lubrication or the turbine blades protection at the same time.

ACL series additives, used in emulsion production, are made up of low and high molecular weight compunds with addition of a cetane improver. By chemical point of view, these compounds are organic matter composed of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen only.

The cetane improver addition is necessary to recover the ignition delay appearing when feeding internal combustion engines with the emulsion. The water content in the emulsion causes a decrease of the temperature of the air-fuel (the emulsion) spray mixture in the cylinder, due to the heat absorbed by the dispersed water droplets during their vaporization. Since the vaporization process happens in the first part of the combustion process, an ignition delay occurs.

The surfactant contained in the emulsion have a protective effect against the corrosion of metal parts of the storage system and of an engine feeding system, besides it is a lubricity enhancer for the emulsion itself.

Inside the ACL series additives there is an interlacing molecule, which has affinity to both the fluids and is made up of two parts: a polarized head which is attracted by water and a non-polar tail attracted by the oil. The simultaneous presence of these two parts allows this molecule to create a link between the fluids providing stability to the emulsion. This means that it can move towards each interface existing between the fluids creating protective barrier if needed.



ACD series

The ACD series additives are dedicated to the production of stable emulsion with Diesel fuels.

These products have been designed to be used along with the Emulsion Power “Stable Box” plants series, with amounts up to 2.5% by weight. The ACD317 for instance, allows us to produce emulsions featuring more than 4 months of stability, as required by the law, and a water content beyond 15% by weight (upper limit according to European standards)


Download here “ACD Series” data sheet



ACH series

The ACH series additives are dedicated to the production of stable emulsion with Heavy Fuel Oils.

ACH series additives, produced and sold worldwide by Emulsion Power, allow producing an emulsion that is stable over time, according to the client’s needs, optimizing the combustion process.

Moreover, ACH series additives allow to blend an high amount of water in the following Heavy Fuel Oils (ASTM classification):

  • Grade n°1, n°2 – Low Sulfur
  • Grade n°1, n°2
  • Grade n°4 – Light
  • Other Heavy Fuel Oils
Download here “ACH Series” data sheet:
  • ACH417

ACF series

The ACF series additives are dedicated to the production of on-demand emulsion with Vegetable Oil fuels.

Born from the experience and professionalism of Additive Chemical Limited chemists and engineers, ACF series additives are used in the production of on-demand emulsion based on both Vegetable Oil and Animal Fat fuels. The specific physical and chemical properties of these additives make them the ideal “Vegreen” systems by Emulsion Power.

The ACF family, composed by ACF 501 and ACF 503, allows the addition of water up to 25% by weight in any type of Vegetable Oil or Animal Fat fuels.

Their specific formulation indeed allows to emulsify a large amount of water, starting from 0.2% by weight of additive, ensuring better performance to engines, CHP plants, boilers and, the same time, a considerable reduction of pollutant emissions.

ACF series additives developed by our chemists at Additive Chemical Limited, allow producing a stable emulsion with no free water, as confirmed by numerous quality controls carried out in the laboratory by our technicians.

The high flexibility of the Vegreen plants by Emulsion Power, also let you quickly adapt to any type of vegetable or animal oil:



  • Sunflower oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Palm oil
  • Animal Fat
  • Other vegetable oil

Download here “ACF Series” data sheet:



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