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Emulsion Power


Emulsion Power S.r.l. is a company operating in the  Oil & Gas industry, providing turnkey systems to produce both stable and on-demand emulsion fuels.

Thanks to its know-how and trade secrets, the Emulsion Power group (R&D by Additive Chemicals Limited) reached extremely high quality standards in additives production and advanced mixing systems.

This existing synergy between chemistry and  mechanics allows the injection of different water amounts in the traditional fuels (stable emulsion of water-in diesel; on-demand emulsion of water with: HFO, Diesel, Vegetable Oil….) to achieve  pollutants emission reductions and economic savings.


Stable box series – Stable Emulsion

On-Demand series




Emulsion Power
The mission of EMULSION POWER S.r.l. it's to optimize energetic efficiency in the name of the economy (rationalization) while respecting the environment, in perfect harmony with the existing and future directives .